Web Design

Front Seat 101

{ Web Design + Front End Dev + Wordpress }

Designed and Developed working with Hero Design Studio. The goal of this site was to create a child theme of the Agency theme for WordPress that extended their brand. Their business wasn't ready for a full site, so they figured to just start blogging; we figured we'd start build up their brand. Already having a logo and their own style of illustration, I wanted to incorporate as much of that as I could, and design + develop something that really tied together & extended those elements. footer view (or description)

Denver Folklore Center

{ Web Design }

Rustic / "Old Timely", Inviting, Bad Ass, and Obviously a Music Store. These were some of the goals outlined before starting the design. Designed and currently being built with Hero Design Studio, I started with a their new logo and a wire frame, then went to town. footer view (or description)

Web Development

{ Front End Dev + Wordpress + Web Design }

Done working with the Light Group in Brookfield, CO. They handed my a mock of the homepage and I took it from their. Polished the design, filled out the details, built it in wordpress, and deployed. The gallery was custom built with jQuery, as well as much of the interactions throughout the site.

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The Illumination Project

{ Front End Dev : Vimeo Api + Wordpress }

Tongue cow kielbasa, flank ham hock chicken ground round bresaola pig meatloaf sausage bacon. Cow sirloin brisket sausage, ham hock pork strip steak chuck ball tip rump shoulder pork belly landjaeger tri-tip porchetta. Andouille pork belly boudin salami tail t-bone jerky corned beef flank fatback. Turducken prosciutto shankle, ribeye filet mignon pastrami tenderloin. Tongue shank cow jerky, drumstick turducken pancetta spare ribs jowl kevin pork loin ground round biltong capicola porchetta.

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Graphic Design

Galaxy Unlocker

{ Graphic Design + Front End Dev + Shopify }

They wanted something “futuristic”, bright, with a shine to it. An "info graphic" / brand graphic that could be used to help extend the brand in multiple areas. He wanted to show the basic process of having a locked phone, installing the GalaxyUnlocker software on a computer, unlocking the phone through the computer, and having an unlocked phone. We reiterated the design numerous times to fit different parts of the site, the shopping process, the software itself, etc. This shot was from the software.

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Holtey Law

{ Identity Design : Logos }

As a divorce lawyer, he wanted something fair, something that communicated two sides of a situation, while at the same time “don’t f*** with me”, and he wanted to incorporate the “H”. So with these logo variations I focused on a stark contrast between light and dark, something that took those two sides to create something larger within the logo – the “H”.

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Danger Mouse

{ Oil Pastel + Photoshop }

Taken out of my sketchbook, this was done for a children’s book about a mouse.

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{ Illustration : Graphite + Charcoal }

Two drawings taken from two of my sketchbooks. On the right an over exaggerated scene from the after math of my roommate’s dog playing with stuffed animals and some graffiti that I thought was interesting while biking along the waterfront in Portland, OR. footer view (or description)


{skills} What I do, or at least tend to focus on; always happy for new challenges.

Interactive Design { UX + UI } 95%
Most of the interactive design I do is web based (websites, web apps, emails) with some app design. I definetly find it important to start with the UX, determine a logical user flow, how the interaction will behave, then add in all the UI elements, and refine. That common ground between UX & UI is what I try to find.
Print Design 85%
Print design really isn't all that different from interaction design, in that you still want to build a functional experience and you want it look nice (a stronger emphasis on the look). The way it folds, the way feels in your hands, how it opens, and of course how it looks are all important. A knowledge of different printing methods is nice too.
Brand / Identity Design 85%
Logos. Actually theirs more to it than that. The logo is big, but its also the type faces, the brand color, the tone the textures, etc... Theirs a lot of work that goes into a brand, into a companies identity. I just start with the logo.
Illustration 80%
Drawing got me into the design industry. It was my first creative passion. Used to be cars, athletes, landscapes, characters, doodles, scribbles; now its more or less what ever you want. I tend to start on paper, then bring it into Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, and finish it up with a stylus.
Front End Development { HTML(5) + CSS(3) + SASS + javascript (w/ jQuery) } 95%
if you build it, they will come - does not apply to the web. It has to be fast, work cross browser (and cross device), it has to have meaning, right down to the markup that only search engines see, and it has to bring the design to life. Designing with code. That's the approach I like to take.
Cross Device Development { desktop + tablets + smartphones } 90%
"Responsive", "Adaptive", however you want to phrase it, your site should work across most major devices. Every site I build "responds" to the width of the browser (sometimes height) but theirs also times when the content delivered needs to "adapt" to the the device. Really there's a number of approaches you can take to make a site work nicely across any device, bottom line is, its important that they do work. I work hard to make them do just that.
Content Management Systems { PHP + Wordpress(mostly) } 80%
Typically I use WordPress, its a simply PHP & mySQL based content management system that makes uploading and managing content on a website easy for just about anyone. Drupal's nice too.

Experience (work + school)

Or at least the experiences that shape me as a { designer + developer }

Web & Graphic Designer + Front End Developer

12' ~ 14'

Freelance : CO,OR, Remote
Front End Development
This has been the bulk of what I do. There's just always a need for it, and there's always a need for a developer with a designers touch.
Web Design
Next on the list. A lot of the time I'm brought in to { design + develop } a website
I do a lot with custom content types and custom taxonomies, some theme adjustments, and some sites from scratch.
identity Design / Branding
Have done a fair amount of logos as a freelancer. A lot of the work I do with Hero is very brand focused and aims provide a bases for the brand, then adds on through various projects.
print has been a smaller focus freelancing, but I do the occasion print project.
working with Chronos and the Light Group, I did some work with .Net developers and set up a working environment.
worked a lot with Git for version control at Chronos. Then set up development environments using Git / Bit Hub / auto deploy scripts.
In House & Remote
I did a lot of work remotely, but also spent days working in house.
Hero Design Studio(denver)
a brand focused full service marketing company
Chronos Interactive(denver)
based in Denver, a top notch interactive agancy.
the Light Group(broomfield)
a video company looking that's expanding out to the web.
a Portland based web design & development studio.
as well as my own contracts
SkidLids, Lucent Fine Art, GalaxyUnlocker, GTC.

Web & Graphic Designer + Front End Developer

11' ~ 13'

Lucent PDX : Portland, OR
Front End Development
a lot of continual maintenance for the Provedance Hotels websites, as well as more involved WordPress sites. Some responsive work, web apps, and landing pages.
Web Design
Designed a lot within the browser while doing maintenance, designed some mobile themes, and the occasional website or landing page.
Most of the sites we built were in wordpress, or we moved to WordPress from older content management systems.
Identity Design
some logo work on occasion, although web design & front end development were the bulk of it.
Analytics & SEO
work alongside an SEO company helping to implement various analytics set up for Provinance Hotels

Web & Mobile Design Intern

10' ~ 11'

Forkfly : Portland, OR
Web & Mobile Design
designed the coupon section for their android and iOS app, as well as a number of interior pages.
did many photoshop illustrations for various parts of the site.
Collaborated About Advertising & Copy Writing
worked closely with other a copy writer and team members to collaborate on copy and various advertising ideas.

The Art Institute of Portland

10' ~ 12'

Portland, OR
Studied Web Development & Design
My main focus was front end development and UX design.
Worked as a Tutor
Drawing, Painting, Development, Web Design, Print, the Adobe CS mostly.
Deans list : 2010, 2011
Um, my grades were awesome...

Commissioned Artist

09' ~ 10'

Freelance : Fort Collins, CO
charcoal and pencil mostly, sold some pieces and set up larger ideas for clients.
Commissioned by clients to paint various things. Collaborated on color, size subject matter, to fill various spaces. Worked independently on projects and displayed work around the city of Fort Collins.
graphic design
focused more on self promotion, although the occasional business card or logo would come my way.
client management
worked directly with clients to determine needs, price, and delivery.

Hotel Directories Distributer

08' ~ 09'

Color Pro Printing : Fort Collins, CO
Managed hotel directory service production and distribution
ran the hotel directory service from start to finish; download file, mark up order, preflight, print, bindrey, package, ship. Also created ways for others to get involved when possible.
involved in design and finishing larger projects
worked on the occasional design and larger printing projects in all stages of the process.

Graphic Design Intern

08' ~ 09'

Colorado State Creative Services : Fort Collins, CO
everything we did was geared around extending the CSU brand.
adobe inDesign
our program of choice, every project ran through InDesign, and one goal of the internship was to learn it in and out.
coming from a drawing background, I was tasked to handle some of the illustration coming our way.
they of the photos used were stock photos from the primary photographer, but a few pieces used my own.

Colorado State University

03' ~ 08'

Fort Collins, CO
BFA : Graphic Design & Painting
I started my love of design with drawing, painting, and art in general, but since than have moved on to design & development.
Graphic Design Tutor
Towards the end of college I was really starting to enjoy design, so I wanted stick around and help out.
Exhibited in the 2007 and 2008 Undergrad Show
Two different sets of illustration. One being a series of children's book drawings and the other being an illustrated alphabet.